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Unnata® Aerial Yoga - Hatha Yoga Styles

Unnata® Aerial Yoga
Unnata® Aerial yoga is a unique program
 that combines  traditional yoga poses with
strengthening components and fun of Aerial Arts.

Sivananda Yoga -
or Classical Yoga

Dynamic Anusara
 influenced Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Kundalini Yoga


Swaha Yoga Center Athens
Αθήνα -
Κουκάκι - Μακρυγιάννη
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Νέο κέντρο Γιόγκα στην καρδία της Αθήνας , σας προσφέρει την δυνατότητα να γνωρίσετε , να ασκηθείτε να συνδυάσετε ,σε διαφορετικά μαθήματα μέσα στη εβδομάδα ,με παραδοσιακές μεθόδους άσκησης  γιόγκα Sivanada και  Kundalini Yoga που είναι διαχρονικές , δυναμική γιόγκα δηλαδή  dynamic Anusara  influenced Yoga και Vinyasa Yoga Flow που είναι επίκαιρες και μοντέρνες και την Aerial Yoga που φαντάζει σαν τη γιόγκα του μέλλοντος .

Aerial yoga
Unnata® Aerial yoga is a unique program that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components and fun of Aerial Arts. It is done on soft fabric trapeze hanging from the ceiling, thus the name “Unnata” which in Sanskrit means “elevated”, both physically and in spirit. In Unnata Aerial Yoga, our body weight is supported in mid-air. With the help of gravity classical yoga poses are explored in a new exciting way that strengthens the whole body, while enhancing body’s proprioception, proper alignment, decompression of the joints and release of deep muscles and fascia. Fly yourself fit and turn the whole world upside down!

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Benefits of  Unnata Aerial Yoga
- Optimal alignment of the whole body
- Decompression of the tight joints
- Strengthening of the whole body, especially the core
- Release of deep muscles and fascia, providing deeper stretching
- Inverting without neck or back compression
- Sharpens the proprioceptive sense (perception of movement and orientation in space)
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